EndoArt Smart Gold Rotary Files

Smart Gold Rotary Files

EndoArt Smart Gold Rotary Files

  • Wire : Gold 
  • Length : 21mm, 25mm, 31mm 
  • Packaging : 6 Files 

EndoArt Smart rotary files have fixed %4 taper allow you to work more safely in narrow canals. The developed special heat treatment technology ensures that the Ni-Ti wire has a much more flexible and durable structure and also turns it into a Gold or Blue color. In addition to its high sharpness efficiency, EndoArt Smart Gold has a higher fracture resistance than standard Ni-Ti files. EndoArt Smart Blue allows pre-bending before entering the canal thanks to its high flexibility efficiency with special control memory and it has a much higher fracture resistance than standard Ni-Ti files. It adapts to the shape of the canal in cases with high slopes. 

Smart Kit:






Action Blue Rotary Files 

Rotation Files 

Regular Taper 

Better Cutting Efficiency 

x2 times better Cyclic Fatigue Resistance than conventional Files 

Excellent Strength 

No bounce back 

Respect Original Anatomy of Root Canal 

Great Fracture Resistance 

Lasered Taper and Size information on the shank 

Autoclavable Box