EndoArt Retreament Rotary Files

retreament rotary files

EndoArt Retreament Rotary Files

  • Wire : Gold
  • Length : 16mm-18mm-22mm
  • Packaging : 6 Files

EndoArt Retreatment rotary files developed for repeated root canal treatments. Thanks to its high cutting efficiency, it is used in theprocess of removing the materials in the canals. The system consists of three instruments, D1 – D2 and D3 which are designed for cleaning the canal filling in the (D1) coronal, (D2) middle, and (D3) apical thirds. While D1 has an active tip at the first entry into the root canal, the tips of continuing instruments are not cutting. 

Retreatment Kit: D1-D1-D2-D2-D3-D3 

Retreament Rotary Files 

Rotation Files 

Specially produced for retreatment cases 

Designed to remove filling materiaks like Gutta Percha 

x2 times better Cyclic Fatigue Resistance than conventional Files 

Better Cutting Efficiency 

Great Fracture Resistance 

Lasered Taper and Size information on the shank 

Autoclavable Box