EndoArt Path Gold Rotary Files

path gold rotary files

EndoArt Path Gold Rotary Files

  • Wire : Gold
  • Length : 21mm-25mm-31mm
  • Packaging : 6 Files

Path files are used to create a guide (Glide) path. The use of angled files in combination with hand files before use, reduces the risk of step formation and perforation. The size and taper of the file are 16/02. The ends of the file are rounded to prevent the formation of step and zip formation. 

Path Gold Rotary Files 

Rotation Files 

Specially produced for creating glide path 

Easily reach apex 

Better Flexibility 

x2 times better Cyclic Fatigue Resistance than conventional Files 

Great Fracture Resistance 

Lasered Taper and Size information on the shank 

Autoclavable Box